Thursday, 16 May 2019


In my mind I’m a hybrid of my 18 year old and current self,
Without scars but in better health, happy and looking content,
But in the mirror when I gaze I see myself as I am, broken,
Broken, Battered and Scarred, life has taken its toll,
Conditions taken from me a great deal,
 Bowels shortened, scars in its place.

Now older and greyer and a little wiser is my fate,
Hair retreating and disappearing, my vanity gone,
My body broken, failing slowly, of its functions control I’m losing,
 Things not easy becoming harder, drive increasing, motivation growing,
Mission progress slowing with new energy in its face I’m stoic.

My new vision ever changing, age and time slowly shaping,
Time of a new battle, new mission, progress forming,
Excitement rising, achievement on the horizon,
Hoping change will soon be coming, things will be better,
In hope I wish progress speeding, life affirming goals improving.

Face mine but ever changing.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Frustrated standing at the sign,
I’m away at the moment all that’s noted,
Wondering what to do with my paper,
Watching a train departing aggravating,
The man behind the counter sitting counting.

On the train now elated making time now,
A friend comes on, time passes fast now,
Excitement building getting near now,
Off the train heading to my meeting,
Hoping for kindness as my greeting.

Meeting starting excitement building,
Sharing my story so freely,
Sharing everything making life better,
Arguing how to achieve it,
Forward existence of these tools.

Let us make things better,

For everyone

So like a whole lot of my poems they are written after something happens to me, in this case, I couldn't exchange my rail warrant because the person behind the counter was counting money. If I was just buying a ticket I could have used a ticket machine. So in my very passive aggressive way, I wrote a poem about it, I hope this helps you if you are having one of those moments when someone else is stopping you do something by inaction.

If you read this far thank you very much, If you came over from twitter if you reply with Honey Cola that would be cool :) I am just trying to see who reads everything :D Anyway Thanks for reading you are all why I keep publishing these, I appreciate the support it means the world to me and has helped me power through some bad times.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


We all learn in different ways,
We all see the world in different ways,
We look at things in our own unique way,
Diversity is the path to cover everyone.

One track thought leads down the same path,
When you look outside the box,
All sorts of new possibilities can be seen,
New directions and solutions can be found.

Whitewashing thoughts are no use,
The world is colourful let's embrace it,
Learning from all angles, lets embrace it,
Discrimination lets all face it, it's disgraceful. 

I'm inspired by the greatness I surround myself with,
Doesn't matter the colour, gender, religion or any other label,
What I care about is the skills, energy and talent they bring,
It's their greatness I seek, whether it be word or deed.

I've made so many friends through my work,
Listening to my words, my actions and my cause,
Inspired by all they do, every act, every deed,
Awesome people every single one, saving lives as if its nothing.

Learning from each other at every stage,
Seeing flaws in our ways,
Working together to improve our methods
Elevating each other to new heights.

I wrote this coming back from my meeting as part of the group making the patient booklet of SIGN's delirium guideline. I was feeling really creative and the juices were flowing. Wrote a few poems that day, was a very good day. I hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Clarifying our goals, seeing where to go,
Seeing the path forward, progression,
Over words, we argue, our obsession,
Goals aimed for to be achieved.

Seeing reality ever changing,
Facts and aims ever moving back and forth,
Life gives us new challenges to overcome,
New missions to go on and complete.

Clarity forming vagueness going,
Crystal clear is how I’m seeing,
Threads of fate now in-front of me,
Endless path we go walking,
Overcoming what’s in front of me.

My history revealed new goal apparent,
Helping others my drive on my journey,
Life unfolding with it’s new scars,
Looking at how far I’ve come,

Not yet done in my achieving.

This was written after I had been to SIGN guideline patient booklet development, I hand wrote it on the train. The train is a great place to write as in my case it’s often a quiet time before you go do something exciting or have come back from doing something exciting. It’s when my creative juices and anxiety are in full bloom which leads to some excellent work. I hope you all enjoy it, feel free to comment or reply to the tweet about this :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Why do we help those we don't know,
Because we're all human isn't enough?
Because it stops suffering isn't that great,
Why do we all live in fear?
Why can't we hold people we don't know near?

I don't offer you my aid out of sympathy,
I offer out of joint misery,
What you have gone through so have I,
Just look at me and what I survived.

If we do to others as we'd have done to us,
Life would be much better, a whole lot of fun,
A world filled with joy until the rising sun,
No more need for knives or guns.

So if you read this please remember this,
You have the power to change someone's world,
You have it in you to make it a better place,
If we all help each other we'll make the world great

Friday, 12 April 2019


To be brave is not doing something,
It's doing something you know is right,
It's doing it even when there is great risk,
It's doing it while everyone tells you it's wrong,
It's sharing the darkness that you have fought.

Every patient volunteer is as brave as can be,
Sharing their scars that you can't see,
Showing you the reality of what life is to them,
Giving up a piece of them for all to see.

So in these words, I wind the truth,
Patients are more important than their diagnosis,
Remember the facts as I show you them,
We are people like you so remember that,

We all play our parts in advancing healthcare,
Without patient involvement it's without purpose,
After all, in the end, it affects us.

I hope this shines a light on something’s and hope that they bring comfort to some. I hope they help understanding between everyone. Feel free to comment here, on twitter or through the email part of this site.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Pam’s Birthday

Birthday Wishes

My dear friend Dr Pam Ramsay,
It is today your birthday,
So I wrote this to give you my best wishes,
Every year we’re alive is a gift,
You live every year to the max,
Doing so much good with your work.

It is strange to think we have known each other exactly 8 months,
It feels like we have known each other for years,
I consider myself fortunate to have you as a friend,
Even if we have only met twice,
I’m a good judge of people and I know you’re great,
An elevator, raising those around you,
Every single day. 

Pam is one of the kindest people I know,
Inviting me to speak when I was unknown,
When I was just a guy who wrote 2 or 3 poems,
Never spoke about my experience in public,
Took a risk on me when others wouldn’t,
Brought me from the west to the east,
Showed me love in spite not knowing me.

Brought me into their fold without a price,
Those people in Edinburgh where beyond nice,
So kind each one was, accepted like I never ever was.

So on this your (redacted) birthday,
I have but one thing to say,
May you have the best one, 
Filled with much love,
Because it is what you deserve,
 For the love you have shown,
For the people you have helped and the groups you have grown,
In conclusion these are my final words,
I wish on you only the best for you are my friend 
And one of the finest humans I know.


In my mind I’m a hybrid of my 18 year old and current self, Without scars but in better health, happy and looking content, But in the m...